TruSister Soirées, LLC  is a Wedding and Events planning company, here to help you produce your perfect event.  We believe in elegant and exclusive experiences.  We can handle all aspects of the planning with you. 


  • I can honestly say that these loving ladies that assisted me throughout my entire event planning were truly a gem!! Everything I asked for, these ladies brought it to life! Truly a breath fresh air and made my event unforgettable!!! I will definitely utilize TruSister Soirees for my future events!!

    Kenisha Harris

  • I am sitting at my desk trying to hold back the tears! No I’m crying! We just got another In-Kind Sponsor, Veronique Barnes-Harris, TruSister Soirees which will provide a Sweet Table at our Kids’ Holiday Book Party. Veronique reached out to me and offered to help in any way she could. Thank you so much! Please check out her page!

    Tonya Brewer Jackson

  • What made it that much more special for us is that all of the vendors at our wedding were family or friends! The love and effort made was unreal!

    Nicole McBride Hermann