About Us

“Love is not an Art to us, it is LIFE to us.”

Our Mission

We believe the family is God’s greatest love idea, and it starts with two. Our mission, as Wedding Planners, is to remove the hassles and stress that comes along with such a life changing event. It is critical to us that you are focused on the most important outcome, your future together.

Our commitment to our communities is pertinent to our existence. It is our goal to serve our communities by bringing people together for the common good.

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The BrideSisters Collective

What started as a Facebook group, The BrideSisters Collective has grown into a bridal tribe of women nationwide who are not afraid to share ideas and opinions on marriage and relationships. We are based in Chicago, IL, however our reach has grown to states as far as California. Through sharing Facebook stats, word of mouth referrals, and adding friends, we have grown our number of BrideSisters close to 200 members (and counting) within 6 months. Come and meet a group of dope BrideSisters, as we share our bridal stories covering wedding planning, the year after and beyond. Visit here to find out more!