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So, now that you’ve seen a snapshot of what we can do- of course, you know there’s more! But first, we’d love to hear from you. In order to ensure exclusivity and a premiere experience for our clients, we only select a small number of events throughout the year. So, it’s important you reach out to us to make sure your date is available. Our calendar fills up pretty quickly, so schedule your consultation:

I’m so excited to plan your event!
Can’t wait to hear from you.

Whether you are ready to secure your event day with us, or just want to ask a questions about our services, it’s very easy to get in touch with us. You may call, email, or if you’d like to share your details, you can fill out our contact form. However, there are a list of things we need you to remember:

– We can not contact you if we do not have the following- your name and/or phone or email address.

– We understand some people do not like leaving voicemails. However, we do check them daily. So please, leave a message.

-While we love chatting with you, our time is precious (as is yours). Social calls are not a part of our consultations. -If you’ve reached us during the most busiest parts of our day (which are mostly mornings), please expect a follow up call, or email within 24 hours of your initial point of contact.

-We don’t mind direct messages on our social media channels, as long as the information mentioned above is present.

-Can’t answer all of the questions on the contact form? No problem! Please email us at info@trusistersoirees.com to give us the most informed details about your big day!