The Gift and the Curse: 36 inch-Balloons

You know that moment when your great idea becomes your awkward reality ? Well it happened to me the day I decided to use these beautiful balloons for an event. They were massive and a hassle to handle, but were so worth the struggle.

36-inch Balloons
36-inch Balloons

Where to find them?

No such luck in my area, but I was able to find them at Big Balloon Store via for a great price, for a package of 6.  But, if you are able to find them cheaper, for the quantity, by all means snag them.


 The Hardest Part

Once they arrived, I was very impressed, and a little intimated by the size of these balloons. Again, these balloons aren’t sold in stores, so when the size of the shriveled balloon is the size of a small saucer, I started to freak out imagining them blown up.

The hard part was figuring out how to transport them from my home to the venue.  I considered renting a tank, but for the size balloons (6) and quantity of helium they need to  fill them (about 15 cu. ft.), my local Party City was very helpful and filled them for me, for a small fee. But, if you must rent a tank, I suggest renting a helium tank to bring on site to blow them up.  Otherwise, you would need a Suburban or small moving truck -totally empty- to get them to your party.


The Outcome

After the adventure of transporting the balloons, fighting tooth and nail to hold onto them in the Windy City, and putting the finishing trimmings on the balloons, they were beautiful!! My client loved them, and her guests were amazed at the size and grandeur of the balloons, and the presentation. I definitely would use them again.



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