Sip & Strokes Social

Woman of Substance; The original and muse of our Sip & Stroke Social. Our guests were to give their rendition of her.

This past weekend, we hosted our first (but definitely, not last) Sip & Strokes Social. It has been a long time since we were able to chill with our family, friends, and Tru-Supporters. So, we decided to turn our soiree into a Ladies’ Night event.   A sincere “Thank You” to everyone that came out and painted “Woman of Substance”. We were amazed by everyone’s interpretation of her. It was truly a wonderful time. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

None of our ladies were professional artists, nor did we have any instructors. It was totally a freelance project. For the event, each guest received a canvas, drinks,  a heavy hors d’oeuvres menu (ok, we went a little overboard for our menu, but you are welcome to have whatever you like), and a swag bag. 

We kept the canvases small (8×10), for time management purposes, and not to intimidate our guests. The portraits took about an hour to complete, and only 30 (or so) minutes to dry. To pass the time, we kept glasses full, and an ample food supply to keep the atmosphere high. Here are snapshots of the event:


Swag Bags

Set Up

Painter with Refreshments

Finished Product 2

Finished Products


If you’d like to host your own Sip & Strokes Social, we’re here to help!

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