The BrideSisters Collective 

In the spirit of Sisterhood and a true wedding experience, we thought it would neat to build a circle of women, who are dedicated to not only the success of their marriage but to the success of others as well.  Sure, we have relatives, and/or clergy to guide us, but let’s be honest – sometimes, we  just need a ground zero of no judgement and resentment.

Here, we will open our blog to Brides-to-Be’s, Newlyweds, and Wise Wives. Each week, you will see a post from one of our Guest Bloggers that will uplift, inspire love and promote Sisterhood. Sign up today to join our Facebook Group The BrideSisters Collective, and mingle with vendors, brides to be’s and seasoned wives.
Stay engaged (pun intended) to receive updates, invites to exclusive soirées, and more! 



Upcoming and Past Events:

BrideSisters Brunch Flyer (1)

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